Since 1902 “So pure you can see the difference!”

Family Owned & Operated

More than a century ago, Randolph Rogers went looking for a new homestead. What he found was a beautiful vista with rolling green fields and a natural, pure water source. Rogers settled on the land, naming it Spring Hill, and began to raise a family there. Recognizing that the water was a valuable resource, Rogers dedicated himself to protecting it from human influences. Rogers was vigilant about protecting his pure spring from human and external influences and taught his children to respect and safeguard their surroundings.

Continuing to honor Randolph’s environmental prudence, the Rogers Family offers their pure water to concerned citizens looking for an alternative to public drinking water. Piped directly from Randolph’s spring to Spring Hill’s modern, solar powered and energy efficient bottling facility; Spring Hill’s water is bottled under strict quality assurance guidelines that meet all federal and state requirements and standards. To further ensure the quality of Spring Hill’s water products, Spring Hill annually achieves the Food Safety Level for its Safe Quality Food Certification, a comprehensive food safety and quality management program.

Packaged in a variety of container sizes, ranging from 1 gallon and 2.5 Gallon HDPE containers, the Rogers Family and Spring Hill take pride in knowing that their pure water bottled and packaged by green technology would please great-grandfather Randolph and that it is as pure and crystal clear as it was in 1902